Gillian Muessig

  • President and Co-Founder of SEOmoz

Ian McAnerin

  • Founder and CEO of McAnerin International Inc

Eric Weaver

Eric Weaver, Digital marketer and social media speaker

Eric weaver is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at the US-based social business consultancy called Ant’s Eye View. He is a veteran strategist who has spent over 19-years of his life marketing brands online. He has helped firms like De beers, Ebay, Ford, GE, Johnson & Johnson etc. He also works as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of British Columbia.LEARN MORE

John Barron

  • Internet Marketing Director

Ashwin Ramesh, CEO of OrganicApex

Ashwin Ramesh runs OrganicApex, a performance online advertising firm that aims to make online advertising risk-free for SMBs. He has been widely recognized as one of the youngest chief executives and online marketers in India and was part of the organizing panel for various search related unconferences in India including India Search Summit.

He also advises OME Community with their functioning and special events.

Suresh Babu

  • Founder, Web Marketing Academy India

Co Founder, OME Community

Suresh is the founder of Web Marketing Academy, an online marketing training and consulting academy. He also Co– founded Online Marketing Enthusiast Community, a community of passionate online marketing enthusiast. He has overall 14 years experience in online marketing, teaching, culinary arts and consulting.

Suresh works closely with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore helping startups with online marketing strategies. He is a public speaker,  Guest lecturer on Web/Social Media Marketing  for various colleges , universities and corporate trainer. Prior to this, Suresh was the Web Marketing Manager for Vayama.com, an online travel agency.

He speaks in marketing events such as Search Marketing Summit, India Search Summit, Start Up Saturday, Bar Camp, Manatee Community college.

Suresh organizes several web marketing related conferences, seminar, meetups, Corporate training programs and boot camps

Email: suresh@webmarketingacademy.in

Phone: + 91 9731388721

Twitter: www.twitter.com/sureshbabu_

Blog: http://searchenginedetails.com

Mani Karthik

Mani Karthik is Director of Social Media & Online Marketing at Dubai based agency McCollins Media. One among the popular Indians on the web space, Mani is known as a popular blogger, SEO and a Social Media guru. He’s worked closely with many popular brands and agencies in the world and is known for his unique strategies and untypical attitude.

Kiruba Shankar

  • CEO Business Blogging

Kiruba Shankar is CEO of Business Blogging, a full-service social media consultancy He has 15 years of experience in the Internet space. Prior to this, he was Associate Director at Sulekha.com Kiruba is passionate about Search Marketing and helped organize SearchCamp as part of The Knowledge Foundation.  He has authored four books on Wikipedia, Crowdsourcing, Unconferences and Personal Branding. He has authored technology columns at Business Standard and Financial Express Newspaper. Kiruba has taught at Asian College of Journalism and Madras Advertising Club. He has lectured on Social Media at IIM Kozhikode, IIM Bangalore and IIT Madras. He has helped organize TEDxChennai and is the Indian Ambassador for TEDx programs across India. TED is a prestigious platform that brings together the World’s most fascinating thinkers and doers. He is the curator of http://Cerebrate.in, an international event for achievers. Kiruba is a rowing champion and has captained the Sify Rowing Team to four championship titles. He is a professional podcaster and hosts a show at http://Kiruba.TV , where he interviews passionate achievers from different fields. BusinessWorld Magazine ranked his blog http://Kiruba.com as one of India’s top blogs. He can be reached at Kiruba@Kiruba.com.